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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is a PINless Calling Card?

A: You do not need to enter the PIN number with a PINless calling card. You can register your home phone number, office phone number, and even your mobile number at the website and PINless calling system will automatically recognize your account when you call one of the access numbers.

With a calling card, you will be required to enter your PIN number every time you want to call.

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Q:  What are the fees, is it a prepaid or post paid service?

A: In this site, we only list the phone cards that do not have any fees, so --


These are prepaid calling cards, there is NO monthly cost.

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Q:  Can I make calls using my cell phone?

A: Yes! You can call from your cell phone . Make sure that you don't press SEND/TALK (Green) button or the Pound Key (#) after entering the destination number. If you have a limited minutes package on your cell phone from your Wireless company, you may be billed from your wireless provider if you exceed your minute plan, and we will not be responsible for any charges from your local or cell phone provider.

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Q:  I mistakenly wrote my email address wrong when I first bought phone cards. How do I change it?

A: Please go to PayPal's site at

  1. Log into your account first. Your wrong email address will be your user id. When you log into your account, you will see a link called "profile." Click on "profile," you will see another link called "Email."
  2. When you click on "Email," you will be taken to another page where you can add your new email address. Add your new correct email and make it "primary." Next, delete your old email address. You have now successfully changed your email address.

    From now on, your user id will be your correct email address.

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Q: I did not see my PIN at the end of my purchase nor did I receive the PIN in my email. Why not and what do I do now?

A: You might not receive your PIN in your email for several reasons:
  1. Wrong Email Address -- You entered the wrong email address when you first opened your account and your PIN could not be delivered to you and was returned to us. Go back to your account and change your email address as described in the first question.
  2. Email Account Is Full -- Your PIN was undeliverable and returned to us because you exceeded your email account's disk quota. Go back your email account and delete some old email to free some space.

    Sometimes you might not get your PIN immediately because of network congestion, the email server may be down, etc. These factors can delay delivery. Wait for few minutes and see if you receive the pin.

  3. However, if you have not seen your PIN at the end of the purchase or didn't receive your PIN in your email:

    1. Do not panic. Send us an email. When you email us, make sure you email us from your email account that you used to buy the PIN or provide the Transaction ID of your purchase to expedite the process. This is all we need to locate your PIN. You do not need to email us your name, address, what card you bought, etc. This is for security reasons. We will not email your PIN without your valid email address that you used to buy the PIN or if you are unable to provide your Transaction ID. When you make your purchase, PayPal sends you a confirmation email that includes your Transaction ID.

    2. Wait for our reply. One of our customer service  representatives will email your PIN. Service requests are processed in order that they are received. This may take some time depending on when the email was sent. Most requests are processed within 24 hours.

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Q: This is my first time buying phone cards from here. I have few questions, could you please answer them?

A: Sure.

  1. When do I get the PIN? You will get the PIN at the end of your purchase. A copy of your PIN is also automatically emailed from our system. Please make sure you enter the correct email address when you buy for the first time. Because the process is automated, you can make your purchase at any time of the day and receive the PIN instantly. Please keep in mind that, if you are a first time buyer, your phone number and other related information needs to be confirmed prior to receiving your PIN number instantly. After you buy at the first time,'s system will send you an email requesting this information. After you reply, a customer service representative will call you after 6:00 PM CST (M-F) or after 12:00 PM CST (Sat-Sun). Once your information has been verified, your PIN number will be issued. This process only needs to be performed once. Your second and subsequent PIN purchases will be sent immediately after the request is submitted. .
  2. Can I pay by my credit card or bank account? Yes, you can pay by your Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or even bank account. For more information please visit here:
  3. Will I be charged any kind of surcharge or cash advance fee from my bank or credit card? No, you will not be charged any kind of surcharges or cash advance fees from your credit card company or bank account. You only pay the amount you see when you buy the cards.
  4. Do I have to enter my all information every time I buy a phone card? No, you will only enter your information once, the first time. Basically, first time you open an account with PayPal, you
    set up your credit card or bank account. Next time, you only enter your user id and password. It is very simply and convenient.

    If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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Q: When I dial my access code and PIN number, it says it is an "invalid PIN." Why and what do I do?

A: Please make sure you are entering your PIN number correctly. If it still says the same:
  • Do not panic. Again, send us email. Once in a while a PIN might not be activated yet or we may have entered it incorrectly into the database mistakenly and you get this "invalid PIN" message. When you send us an email, we will test or investigate the PIN. It it is invalid, we will activate the PIN for you, or, in some cases, we will replace it with a new activated or the corrected PIN. If you have an emergency to talk right away, you can purchase another PIN to meet your needs. We can always replace or refund for the "invalid PIN" of your choice.

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Q: Do I need to dial 011 to place an international call? Can you provide little instructions of dialing?
A: Yes, you will need to dial 011 to place an international call. Here are short dialing instructions:

Your Calling Card

1. DIAL:
  Access Number      
2. ENTER: Your PIN#
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. ENTER: Your Destination.
  USA & Canada:
    1+Area Code + Telephone
    011+Country Code+City Code+Telephone

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Q: How can I buy multiple pins at one time?

A: You cannot buy multiple pins at one time. You can only buy one PIN with each transaction. If you want to buy more than one PIN, you have to go back and buy your next PIN.
  • Any alternative? Yes, if you want to buy multiple pins (10 or more), email us the money to and let us know what cards, how many and what denomination ($5,$10 or $20), you want want. One of our customer service people will email you the PINs.

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Q: I lost my PIN. Can you email it to me again?

A: Yes, You can get your lost PIN:
  • Send us email from your email address (the one that you provided when you made your purchase) and the approximate date or day that you lost your PIN.

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Q: Can I change my credit card numbers or bank account number in my PayPal account?

A: Yes, you can change it however you like.
  • How do I do it? Log into your account from here: Go to profile. Then, you will see how to change or add your credit card in there. It is very self explanatory. After you add new card succuessfully, please make sure to make your new credit card as PRIMARY. We do not maintain any account information. PayPal does. All of your account's questions can be found at PayPal's site at

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Q: How can I enables cookies to log into my paypal account?

A: Your web browser must be configured to accept 'cookies' to access most secure websites, including PayPal. Error 3014 indicates that you must enable cookies on your browser. Follow the instructions below to enable cookies. If your browser is not listed, consult your browser's Help section.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher:
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
  2. Click the Privacy tab
  3. Set the slider to Medium or just below
  4. Click Edit
  5. On the line provided, type and click Allow
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version prior to 6.0:
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Click the Custom Level button
  4. From the Settings list, choose Cookies
  5. Under the options 'Allow cookies that are stored on your system' and 'Allow per session cookies (not stored),' click Enable
  6. Click OK
If you are using Netscape:
  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences
  2. Select Advanced
  3. Under the Cookies heading, choose either 'Accept (Enable) all cookies' or 'Accept (Enable) cookies for the originating website'
  4. Click OK
  5. Return to the PayPal website and click your browser's Reload or Refresh button

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Q: Once in a while, when I try to call, the access number is busy. Why and what can I do?

A: A high volume of calls can make the access number busy.
  • How do I get around this problem? You can keep trying few times. Sometimes the line becomes available right away. Some cards have more than one access number. You can try another access number. For some cards, they may have different access numbers for various languages. You can try using one of them. You might not understand the language but if you are a regular prepaid calling card user, the pattern will be the same.
  • Usually, after the first voice, you should dial the PIN number. Then, after the second voice, you should dial your phone numbers.
  • Alternatively, just wait 5 minutes and try again. Numbers become available very quickly after busy tones.

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Q: Is live customer service people available 24 hours?

A: No, a PINlessConnection live customer service people is not available 24 hours. Our online shopping site is open 24 hours so that you can buy 24 hours and receive the PIN instantly from our automated system.

However, most calling card's customer service are open longer hours and some cases 24 hours. If you have connection problem, lost credit issue, you can directly call the calling card's customer service number provided with your PIN.

  • When do I get my reply if I have any questions or problems? 
  • -- Usually, if a customer service people are available, they will respond your email within 15 min. If you do not hear within 15 min, please wait until a customer service people is available to see your email. Repeated submissions of your inquiry will not result in a faster response if no customer service people are around. Also, emails are answered in the order they are received. If you do not hear within 24 hours of any request, you must re-email to know the status of your request.

  • Do you support during the weekend if needed? 
  • -- Yes, we support during the weekend. Again, If you do not hear within 15 min, please wait until a customer service people is available to see your email. 

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